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Kodikas by Caitlin Hunter

As winter settles in and days grow shorter, it’s natural to search out as much coziness as possible. You may already be familiar with the Danish concept of “hygge” - well, this shawl is inspired by that same concept, and is appropriately named after the Finnish word for “cozy”! Cold countries know how to manage through brutal winters while keeping smiles on their faces, and colorwork is a great way for knitters to stay happy and inspired through long nights by the fire. Flat colorwork might seem intimidating, but this shawl will cure you of that worry with its smaller colorwork sections broken up with stockinette. You’ll finish with a new skill and a warm shawl that blocks the wind. The pompoms are optional, but really, what winter knit is complete without a pompom or three to inspire a few snowball fights? Embrace winter in all its glory, and stay cozy while you’re at it!

Sizing and Measurements: One size
Finished width: 60” 152.5 cm
Finished depth: 27” 68.5 cm