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50% Camel, 50% Silk Bundle

$45.00 USD

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Color: Bountiful

  • Bountiful


Exceptionally soft this delightful blend of Camel and Tussah Silk blended top is 100% pure luxury. It can be compared to cashmere in softness and yet has a great depth of color from the dark undertones. Our friends at Greenwood Fiberworks create "Bundles" by taking one of their favorite colorways and kettle-dye each color separately. These colors are then braided into approximately one-ounce braids, and then bundled all together with the coordinating colors of that colorway. Bundles are perfect for gradient yarns, or any other type of yarn where you want to have more control over how color interacts in your project.

Fiber Details:

  • Fiber content: 50% Camel, 50% Silk
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Note / Recommendations: Per Greenwood Fiberworks: "Does not felt easily by itself."