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Free shipping on most orders over $125 (US only).
Free shipping on most orders over $125 (US only).

Tools & Notions

  • Soak Travel Pack - Knotty Lamb

    Soak Travel Pack

    Soak Wash
    $11.00 USD

    SOAK Mini Packs Assorted includes Pineapple Grove, Yuzu, Fig, Celebration and Lacey. Also available in Scentless.Perfect to include with gifts for ...

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  • Tuft Lip Balm - Knotty Lamb

    Tuft Lip Balm

    TUFT Woolens
    $5.00 USD

    TUFT Woolens lip balms combine rich buttes with beeswax and honey to make a luxurious treat for your lips. Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sunfl...

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  • Row Counter Small - Knotty Lamb

    Row Counter Small

    Knitters Pride
    $3.25 USD

    Helps you through any project. Use with circular, double-pointed or straight needles up to size US 8 (5 mm). Small in attractive bright blue color....

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  • Slipper Bottoms - Knotty Lamb
    Sold out

    Slipper Bottoms

    Fiber Trends
    from $11.50 USD

    Slipper Bottoms Two piece slipper bottoms. Can be used with any style slipper in place of full soles.Cut from soft, genuine suede, punched for easy...

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  • Circular Stitch Holder - Knotty Lamb

    Circular Stitch Holder

    from $6.50 USD

    The clover circular stitch holders offer a convinient way to store your circular work. Keeps the shape without compromising the stitches. The lengt...

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  • Yarn Threader - Knotty Lamb

    Yarn Threader

    $5.30 USD

    Easily threads your yarn! The large opening makes this yarn threader perfect for hard-to-thread yarns.

  • Drawstring Project Bag - Knotty Lamb

    Drawstring Project Bag

    Pearadise Island
    $39.00 USD

    Size: SMALL - to fit 1 skein of yarn for knitting or crochet.  Comes with an exterior zipper pocket for notions. Materials used: Outer fabric: 100...

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  • Stitch Marker Set - Knotty Lamb

    Stitch Marker Set

    Firefly Notes
    from $12.00 USD

    Flower Set: 8 silver toned 10mm round floral stitch markers for your knitting Birds & Bees Set: 4 birds & 4 bees Yarn Ball: 8 enamel yarn b...

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  • Knitting Registers - Knotty Lamb

    Knitting Registers

    $4.95 USD

    A convenient register that can be inserted onto a straight knitting needle. Great little row counters!

  • Split Ring Stitch Markers - Knotty Lamb

    Split Ring Stitch Markers

    $9.50 USD

    The latest addition to the Cocoknits Stitch Marker collection is designed to be easy to use on the fly! A simple open loop with a pointed leg that ...

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  • Multi Tool Keychain - Knotty Lamb

    Multi Tool Keychain

    Twill & Print
    $13.00 USD

    Check your gauge, wraps per inch, carry your progress keepers, keep your yarn tidy and open your beer all with this handy keychain. You've got this...

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  • Yarn Counter - Knotty Lamb Yarn Shop

    Yarn Counter

    $36.00 USD

    A durable yarn counter, attached to a sturdy piece of wood, and comes with a clamp to attach it to any table. It counts in 1 foot increments. Paire...

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  • Washi Tape - Knotty Lamb

    Washi Tape

    Twig & Horn
    $3.00 USD

    Perfect for bullet journaling or using to mark rows on knitting charts, our new washi tape comes in two designs, balls of yarn and knitting hands. ...

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  • Knotty Lamb Stitch Markers - Knotty Lamb

    Knotty Lamb Stitch Markers

    Knotty Lamb
    $12.00 USD

    Made of high quality, durable and sustainable materials. Each card contains 6 markers, each with a stainless steel ring.

  • Flight of Stitch Markers - Knotty Lamb

    Flight of Stitch Markers

    $24.00 USD

    For anyone who’s not sure which style of Cocoknits stitch marker to try first, here’s a handy sampling. Just like a wine or craft beer tasting 'fli...

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  • Zippered Project Bag - Knotty Lamb

    Zippered Project Bag

    Pearadise Island
    $59.00 USD

    Our most popular design is now available in the larger bag! Size: MEDIUM - to fit 2-3 skeins of yarn for knitting or crochet.  Comes with an exteri...

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  • Hanna Lisa Haferkamp Project Bags - Knotty Lamb

    Hanna Lisa Haferkamp Project Bags

    Hanna Lisa Haferkamp
    $75.00 USD

    Large  One of our favorite things to knit are sweaters, and this is exactly what the large project bags are designed for. Although they might not l...

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  • Pen Style Felting Tool - Knotty Lamb

    Pen Style Felting Tool

    $15.00 USD

    For small and delicate felt projects using 1, 2, or 3 needles. 3 needles for quick finish, 2 needles for creating lines and outlines, 1 needle for ...

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  • Magma Knitting Pattern Holder- Large - Knotty Lamb

    Magma Knitting Pattern Holder- Large

    Knitters Pride
    $24.00 USD

    Large Size Dimensions (in open position): 50.0cms x 30.0cms (20" x 12") Dimensions (in folded position): 25.0cms x 30.0cms (10" x 12") This indispe...

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  • Magma Knitting Pattern Holder- Small - Knotty Lamb

    Magma Knitting Pattern Holder- Small

    Knitters Pride
    $17.25 USD

    Small Size Dimensions (in open position): 35.0cms x 26.25cms (14" x 10½") Dimensions (in folded position): 17.5cms x 26.25cms (7" x 10½") This indi...

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  • Bamboo Cable Needles - Knotty Lamb

    Bamboo Cable Needles

    $14.00 USD

    Are you looking for the perfect cable needle?  You must try these Bamboo Cable needles by Cocoknits.   Bamboo is “stickier” than metal so the needl...

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  • Felting Needle Blue Grip - Knotty Lamb

    Felting Needle Blue Grip

    $9.75 USD

    Cushioned top designed for comfort and control during your single-needle felting. Two extra strong and long lasting 36-gauge needles.

  • Barberry Shawl Stick - Knotty Lamb

    Barberry Shawl Stick

    Knitters Pride
    $4.75 USD

    Exotic Barberry shawl stick. Can also be used as a hair pin.

  • Dryer Dots - Pack of 3 - Knotty Lamb
    Sold out

    Dryer Dots - Pack of 3

    $15.00 USD

    Love your laundry. Soften laundry, reduce drying time, and tame static naturally with Gleener Dryer Dots. Made with 100% ethically sourced New Zeal...

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