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Free shipping on most orders over $125 (US only).
Free shipping on most orders over $125 (US only).

Tools & Notions

  • Needle Felting Mat - Knotty Lamb

    Needle Felting Mat

    from $11.50 USD

    Small: This brush-like mat enables smooth punching with little resistance, and allows the fibers of the applique to become well meshed with the bas...

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  • Carnation Shawl Pin - Knotty Lamb

    Carnation Shawl Pin

    Knitters Pride
    $11.50 USD

    Horn wood shawl pin with the Carnation design shape.

  • Himeji Leacher Pouch - Knotty Lamb

    Himeji Leacher Pouch

    $52.00 USD

    These leather pouches will ease their way into your heart, with a charm that grows the more you use them. Reminiscent of plump flower buds, their s...

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  • Jumbo Wool Winder - Knotty Lamb

    Jumbo Wool Winder

    $65.00 USD

    LACIS-Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder. This package includes one jumbo yarn ball winder: winder body, cone, yarn guide, yarn guide mount, 2 swing arms and i...

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  • Maker's Backpack - Knotty Lamb

    Maker's Backpack

    Twig & Horn
    $145.00 USD

    Our Maker's Backpack is built for you. Lightweight and spacious, this bag can handle all your project needs.Each backpack has a removable center zi...

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  • Stitch Stoppers - Jumbo - Knotty Lamb

    Stitch Stoppers - Jumbo

    $12.00 USD

    If there were ever a time to use stitch stoppers, it is when using jumbo yarn! There was nothing to help keep those extra large stitches on the nee...

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  • Pear Tahkli Spindle - Knotty Lamb

    Pear Tahkli Spindle

    Schacht Spindle Company Inc.
    $23.00 USD

    Our Pear Tahkli support spindle is designed for spinning short fibers and very fine yarn. It has a brass shaft and a hard maple pear-shaped whorl.

  • Wine Charms - Knotty Lamb Yarn Shop

    Wine Charms

    Pretty Warm Designs
    $16.00 USD

    Six different knitting themed charms will keep your guests happy and able to recognize their own glass of grape juice. Each set is accented with a ...

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