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4 in 1 Crochet Tool: D, F, H, & J

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Vendor: Boye


Ideal for crochet on the go, the 4-in-1 crochet tool is a must-have for every crocheters bag. The Swiss Army Knife of the crocheting world, this clever tool is four hooks in one. Each tool contains four half-sized hooks that fold neatly into a smooth handle, that fits comfortably in your hand while crocheting. Available in two size options hooks included in option 1: US D (3.125mm), US F (3.75mm), US H (5mm) and US J (5.75mm). Hooks for option 2: US E (3.5mm), US G (4.25mm), US I (5.25mm) and US K (6.5mm)

Tool Details:

  • 33/4" long x 1" wide
  • US D (3.125mm)
  • US F (3.75mm)
  • US H (5mm)
  • US J (5.75mm)

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