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Blurre by Addydae Designs
A Crochet Shawl


Create the perfect transition of colour in this crescent-shaped shawl.
Clever colour placement creates a gradual blurring of the lines between each colourway so that there is a gradual change from one to another.
Pattern is written for two sizes with options for either widening or narrowing stripes.
Make your Blurre as calm or as dramatic as you wish.

I wrote this pattern with the purpose of creating a relaxing, rhythmic and calming project. One where you don’t have to concentrate deeply on the instructions, or obsess about stitch counts. You can simply relax into the process and enjoy the colour play. This, to me, is precisely the kind of project that makes crochet my happy place when I need to unwind and find calm after a busy day.
I hope this is what you find for yourself as you make your own Blurre.

Size: (Measurement is approximate and taken after blocking.)
Small: 210cm wingspan x 40cm deep
Large: 260cm wingspan x 50cm deep

Yardage Requirements:
Option One - for stripes that get wider towards the bottom edge of your shawl:
Colour 1: < 10g ~ 25m
Colour 2: < 20g ~ 75m
Colour 3: 35g ~140m
Colour 4: 65g ~ 260m
Colour 5: (Small size) 85g ~ 340m
Colour 5: (Large size) 100g ~400m
Colour 6: (Large size only) 100g ~ 400m

Option Two - for stripes that get narrower towards the bottom edge:
Colour 1: < 30g ~ 50m
Colour 2: < 40g ~ 170m
Colour 3: 55g ~220m
Colour 4: 70g ~ 280m
Colour 5: (Small size) 50g ~200m
Colour 5: (Large size) 75g ~ 300m
Colour 6: (Large size only) 70g ~ 280m

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